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○r bandwidth. Huaw〓ei Marine Networks,● joint venture◆ between H〓uawei Techno●logies and Global ○Marine Systems,■ has upgra○ded the fiber cab■le used by t●he West Africa ■Cable Sys

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  • usan○ds of phones in Ke●nya alone and〓 its market share st■a
  • nds at about ■50%. In south〓ern and eastern● Africa, Huawei's
  • re◆venues are expected 〓to rise to ◆30% in the next
  • t○wo and a ha●lf years. A●frica is one◆

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  • 鰊t internatio◆nal
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markets. Af■rican sales of

  • Hu■awei account for n■early a seventh ◆of its tot〓al global ●sales. The brand has● proven suc■cessful with○ consumers, ●and Huawei has ●secured funding on ■major private and ○public projects in■ Africa. Huaw◆
  • ei has alread■y assisted 18 Af■rican governmen◆ts to build ◆government ne○tworks in countr〓ies including, 〓Nigeria, Ke■nya, Uganda, Seneg◆al, Angola, Guine◆a, and Djibou〓ti. Beside〓s an aggressive ma◆rketing strategy, H●uawe

i has led■ efforts to

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